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Harvest Hub (a project of Earth Learning) is an online marketplace and distribution network for local, sustainably-grown food.

We make it possible for local producers and food buyers to connect and participate in the movement towards
 a local, sustainable food system in the Greater Everglades bioregion.

Ordering from Harvest Hub helps to make our farmers viable, our people healthy, our communities resilient, our food just and fair, our ecosystems sustainable, and our local economy thrive, now and into the future.

We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items. 

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Do you want convenient access to fresh healthy food from local farmers and producers? Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, local, sustainably-grown and produced food to you, the buyer, in a cost-effective manner on a weekly basis.

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Our Criteria


We connect you to  products that are 100% grown locally or produced with at least 25% locally-grown ingredients...

What is Local?
Local means within the Greater Everglades (southern Florida)

What is Further Afield?
Sometimes we go Further Afield for items that just don't grow here (so rest of Florida and into the Southeast)

Why Local?
Beyond the Bar Code: The Local Food Revolution     
Eat Local Man
Know Your Roots: Eat Local
A Local Food Movement

Organic and Beyond

Certified Organic is a certification defined by the U.S.D.A. that ensures the producers employ certain procedures and avoid certain harmful chemicals...It is particularly important for food that comes from Further Afield and you do not have a working knowledge of how that food was grown.

Why Organic?

What is Organic?

Organic Vegan Food Animation

The Dirty Dozen – Choose Organic

But, Certified Organic is no substitute for knowing ho your food is grown and no guarantee that it was grown "sustainably."

Beyond Organic…Small,  Diverse, and Regenerative!
Vandana Shiva on Industrial Agriculture
Monoculture Systems vs Permaculture Systems

Permaculture Principles in a Polyculture Orchard

Choosing Your Food: What to Look For...

Food product labeling can be confusing. Inform yourself, so you know what you are eating and what practices you are supporting.

Free range/Pastured Poultry
Scrambled Eggs

Sustainable seafood

Science in Action: Sustainable Seafood


Healthy Grass-Fed Meat and Eggs

Choosing Your Food: What to Avoid

Food product labeling can be down right deceptive. Food is meant to be healing, yet our industrialized food system produces foods that are toxic and harmful to people and planet.

Why Not Natural?
Cereal Crimes

Hormones and Antibiotics

The Official Meatrix I
The Meatrix 2

Meatrix 3

Genetic Engineering & GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Foods Interview

In the Dark about GE Food: Just Label it!

Genetic Engineering: The World’s Greatest Scam?

Monsanto Food Wars: GMO Seeds and Animals

GMO Food Dump